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Aerial Yoga

All Levels

Aerial Yoga uses a low-hanging aerial hammock to support the weight of the body in yoga poses. Students learn to achieve postural alignment through relaxation rather than effort, resulting in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind as well! Silks make challenging yoga poses easier, backbends more accessible It helps strengthen the core, decompresses the spine, and achieve deep muscular release.
Student must be at least 16 years of age to attend and have a parent in class if under 18 years old.
Space is limited, please register in advance. Cancellation policy You can cancel free of charge 24 hours prior to the start of enrolled class. After that time, a fee of $16 will be charged or a visit will be deducted from an applicable plan or pass.

Align & Flow

All Levels, Beginner Friendly

Align & Flow classes begin with a theme to inspire practice, centering, and tuning into the breath. Each class includes a focus on optimal alignment, to maximize energy flow and empower you to experience greater stability, freedom, and ease in each pose. These all-level classes include a mix of foundational poses, movement with breath, and sequences that build strength, flexibility, and knowledge to work towards more advanced poses. Teachers offer modifications and assists, as needed. Often, there is also a partner pose or two, to support you in safely exploring poses you might not be able to do (or do as fully) on your own. Align & Flow classes offer the opportunity to explore our true nature, on the mat, so we may be more skillful in our expression, off the mat! Align & Flow classes also celebrate community and our interconnected existence.

Deep Stretch

All Levels, Beginner Friendly

Therapeutically stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons in this yin-inspired class of floor poses (primarily seated or lying down). After a short warm up, we hold poses between 2 to 5 minutes, using props for support. The long, supported holds encourage your body and mind to completely let go. This class is a great option for athletes who crave deep tissue release, and for anyone who suffers from tight muscles or stiffness. Deep stretch cultivates a profound stilling of the mind and openness in the body.

Lunch Flow

All Levels

Either a 50 or 60 minute class made up of mostly standing postures including a brief warm up, and some flowing with breath. Each teacher is unique and offers their own gifts so please try them all so that you can discover your personal favorites

Nia® - Move & Rejuv

Beginner Friendly, All Levels

Nia’s philosophy is “through movement we find health”. Blending the mind set of NO pain ALL gain and that fitness should feel good throughout the body. Nia is a life style practice that’s been around for 30+ years and practiced in 48 different countries. It provides the strength of Pilates, flexibility of yoga, muscle tone of strength training and aerobic fitness- all through the revolutionary pleasure based fitness program that gets you in shape from the inside out. Derived from martial, dance, and healing arts it empowers people of all shapes and sizes to connect with their body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Nia is described as “moving meditation”.

Nia® - Slo Mo

Beginner Friendly, All Levels

Deriving from the same principles as Nia: Move & Rejuv this class will slow down the pace to a level 1…staying closer to the core of the body to provide a way for those who are healing from both old and new injuries, stepping into or back into a fitness program, or those wanting to better connect with organic movements of their body and create healthy neuro pathways (or cellular memory) on which to build proper body movements. This class can be done seated (chair or stability ball, you are welcome to bring your own) or standing. Creating a safe, nurturing, and non-competitive environment is vital for anyone who is healing or starting out in fitness. There is no more having to stay at home or find a place to “fit in”. Be Yoga has listened and done that for you. This class is open to everyone with the knowledge of it being slower and more mindful.

Flow Yoga

Powerful Flow

Students are encouraged to take at least 10 Flow type classes before trying Powerful Flow.

We are a studio that truly embraces the full spectrum of yin and yang. At the peak of yang is our Be Inspired Vinyasa which is changing its name to Powerful Flow to capture its true essence even more. All of our classes are powerful in some way AND for most of us when we hear the word powerful we think of things like: strong, dynamic and energetic. Our students can expect in our Powerful Flow to be challenged physically, to be offered options for varied levels and to move with breath.

Restorative Yin

All Levels, Beginner Friendly

Sometimes the best way for us to feel more energized is to make time to relax and allow our body to restore and regenerate. In restorative yin yoga, we move into gentle poses that help to open and release tension in the body. It is a floor based practice that often encourages use of props to support the body. This practice targets the restoration and deep cellular repair of connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Yin offers the opportunity to connect with a subtler energy force within the body versus a muscular emphasis. Each pose will be held for 1-5 minutes using deep breath to help us activate our relaxation response in the body (the parasympathetic nervous system) and will help us increase the healing benefits of the practice. Prepare to transport yourself into a deep state of relaxation. Leave class feeling refreshed, renewed and restored.

Slow Flow

All Levels

Move at a slow, intentional pace so that you can connect more deeply with your body and your breath. This class offers a combination of “slow flow” – moving in and out of poses with a full, deep ujjayi breath,  and longer holds for you to really get into the pose and quiet the mind. End class with a gentle floor sequence to prepare your body for savasana. There is an emphasis on anatomical alignment so that you learn the foundation of poses and grow from there.

Unity Yoga

Students are encouraged to take at least 10 Flow type classes before trying Unity Yoga.

Unity Yoga skillfully blends the traditions of Indian and HImalayan yoga for the purpose of creating balance, resilience and adaptability for body, breath and mind. Classes
balance asanas and vinyasas
balance mobility with stability
use many different positions of the body in space
turn on the mat and face all four directions
balance active poses with passive poses
use transversal as well as longitudinal body positions
use creative asanas and combinations for arms, legs and spine
integrate practices of pranayama, pratyhara and dharana within the asana practice
incorporate aspects of bhakti, such as chanting and mantra to begin and end the practice

Yoga Basics

Our Yoga Basics classes are designed for those who are new to yoga. Expect a slow paced class that breaks down each pose with clear instructions. You will be carefully guided through each transition and settled into each pose with instructions that focus on safe alignment. You will be introduced to the breath techniques, transitions, and yoga poses that will prepare you for our other classes. This class is suitable for beginners, and great for anyone wanting to learn more about the poses.


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