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Balanced Enlightenment 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Mara Healy

Be Balanced

Learn to find your bindu or balance point, and recognize it as a reference rather than a destination.

Be Awake

Gain awareness and develop skillful habits around your karma and dharma.

Be Grounded

Base your mobility in stability to create a firm foundation for practice and growth.

Be Empowered

Be empowered to find solutions, not by following rules, but by understanding principles and applying knowledge to personal practice, sequencing, and daily living.

Be Yourself

Shed what no longer applies, and refine your voice as a teacher to let your authentic self shine.

Be Skillful

Learn the intimate details of higher yoga, beyond asana into the subtle realms of energy development, breath, and mindfulness.

Dear Beings of Possibility!

I am deeply honored to offer an advanced yoga teacher training at Be Yoga this coming winter, and look forward to guiding practitioners and teachers alike into the authentic aspects of yoga which are fundamentally more internal, subtle and potent than can be explored at the 200 hour level of any program. It is through a refined understanding of personal practice that each of us becomes a more skillful teacher.  Then, teaching becomes an extension of personal practice through the vehicles of:

  • Vulnerability of self-expression
  • Consistency of skill
  • Awareness on the levels of energy, karma and mind
  • Personal creativity within the boundaries of yogic science
  • Compassion for oneself and others throughout the process of living

As Ghandi said, “The best way to find the knowledge of Self,  is to get lost in the serving of others.”

Thus, in the “Balanced Enlightenment” 300 hour training we will plunge into topics related to BOTH the internal AND external, and ALL the limbs of yoga with me (Mara Healy) as the lead trainer.

The group will explore ALL facets critical to higher limbs of yoga,  including:

  • Ayurvedic healing related to body, mind and spirit
  • Mantra philosophy, practice and the mysticism related to initiation
  • Cutting edge anatomical research on the fascial and nervous systems
  • Unlocking the brain’s potential for light (Bhati)
  • The immutable laws of karma and dharma
  • Pranayama for physical, mental, and spiritual harmony
  • Serious study of ancient texts like yoga sutras, hatha yoga pradipika and the gheranda samhita
  • Sequencing to create balance within the nervous system taking into account space, gravity, time and reaction patterns related to mobility and stability
  • Adjusting bodies with compassion and skillfulness
  • Mysticism in yoga related to practices of bandhas, mudras, and shakti development

Rather than only discussing theory, students will be led through the methods, disciplines and practices that are suitable for their personal goals, daily lifestyle and individual constitutions.  As a full-time yogini and householder who understands not only the demands of internal yoga, but also the demands of professional work, relationships and family duty, I will guide you through this process. I can’t wait, it’s going to be an amazing journey! Please join me for it.

Love, Mara (Phuntsok Deki)

An initiated tantrika and yogini of the Vajrayana (Buddhist Tantra) Tradition

Curriculum and Yoga Alliance Requirements - Click For Details

See our complete syllabus, approved by Yoga Alliance.

Prerequesites, Certification, Participation, and Make Up Policy - Click For Details

Prerequisites and Certification

In order to apply for this training, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • You have taken at least 3 classes with Mara Healy
  • Must be able to do crow pose, and be comfortable with headstand against the wall (or be willing to work a modification in case of neck issues)
  • You must be healthy enough to engage in asana practice and to be able to sit for lectures and some practices

If you are planning to register with Yoga Alliance for your RYT 500 after this training, you need to have taught for at least 100 hours in between completing your 200 hour training and beginning this 300 hour training. See more about Yoga Alliance Credentials. This training will NOT qualify you as a Universal Yoga teacher.

If you are not planning to teach, and are taking this for personal enrichment, you must have practiced for a minimum of 200 hours since completing your 200 hour training.

Participation and Make Up Policy

In order to get the most out of this training, your full participation is needed. That means having completed all of your reading assignments and home practices, as well as getting enough sleep and being properly hydrated for class. You help create your own experience, as well as the experience of your fellow students. Show up with intention and attention for yourself and each other.

While it is recommended to complete all 13 weekends in sequence, we realize that this is not always possible. Given that, 6 of the 13 weekends will be repeated. Please see the Dates and Times section below for more detail. If there are extenuating circumstances, private instruction is available for makeup hours at a rate of $50 per hour.

Chronic absences, poor punctuality, and unfulfilled required assignments are grounds for dismissal.

Our Incredible Teachers - Click For Details

Mara Lotus w BellMara Healy E-RYT 500 Lead Trainer An initiated tantrika and yogini of the Vajrayana (Buddhist Tantra) Tradition

Mara (Marayogini/Phuntsok Deki) is a celebrated yogini dedicated to the spiritual tradition of yoga, whose teachings infuse compassion and skillful means into asana. Having studied with powerful, spiritually-oriented practitioners (Chandra Om and Manju Jois), Mara has spent over a decade studying with her teacher, Andrey Lappa, the creator of the Universal Yoga System, and works as his North American assistant. Through her studies and personal practices, she has found her voice as a householder dedicated to weaving together normal family life with the yoga practices of the Vajrayana tradition. She is dedicated to bringing supple strength, powerful softness and practical proficiency to each person’s evolving relationship with yoga. Mara strives to create an atmosphere of scholarly learning, skillful practice and spiritual happiness. Learn more about Mara at and

Guest Teachers

KL Yellow Dress HeadshotKaitlin Lacey

is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and Intuitive Healer. A Reiki Master for 10 years, she has a great deal of experience with chakras, energetics, and subtle practices. Kaitlin did the majority of her ayurveda training with Cate Stillman, and has also studied with Blair Lewis. She is excited to bring a deeper understanding of ayurveda and the relationship between the energetic and physical bodies to Be Yoga’s Advanced Teacher Training!

IMG00072-20101023-1619Dr. Nevin Markel

is the co-founder of Performance Rehab Associates, owner of Markel Health Performance, a doctor of chiropractic as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He incorporates various manual techniques to treat musculoskeletal conditions including Active Release Techniques©, Functional Range Release, FAKTR treatment and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment© along with cutting-edge rehabilitation programs. Dr. Markel graduated Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College and is the former team chiropractor for the Maryland Terrapins, Bowie Baysox and UMBC Retrievers. In addition, he regularly works with a variety of athletes including members of the NFL, MLB, PGA, Olympians and yoga practitioners in an effort to correct physical dysfunction and maximize performance. Dr. Markel strongly believes in a patient-centered model of care where the latest manual treatments are combined with individualized rehabilitation programs including corrective exercise, self-treatment strategies, and strength training. He currently serves as clinical director at Velocity Sports and frequently teaches workshops for yoga studios and gyms. Dr. Markel’s webpage is

Dates and Times - Click For Details

Balanced Enlightenment 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Mara Healy will begin again in November 2017!

Teacher Training will be held on Friday evenings, 6-9pm, Saturdays 8-6pm, and Sundays 8-6pm over the course of 13 weekends.

Training sessions will be held at our Carmel studio at 7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd.

  • Nov 3-5 2017
  • Dec 1-3
  • Jan 5-7 2018
  • Feb 2-4
  • Mar 2-4
  • Mar 23-25
  • May 4-6
  • Jun 1-3
  • Jun 20-Jul 1
  • Aug 17-19
  • Sep 7-9
  • Oct 5-7
  • Nov 2-4


Pricing - Click For Details

Total Pricing for the program is $3,500.  This includes 13 training weekends and books.  In order to keep tuition down, regular yoga classes are not included. However, we do have opportunities to trade for yoga classes. Please contact us for more information about Be Yoga’s Front Desk Ambassador Program.

A non-refundable application deposit of $250 will be applied toward the total. Payments plans are available, Cindy Bickman is the contact for those. A minimum of $1,200 is due by the day training starts, all students must have paid in full by May 1st, 2018. Tuition is non-refundable.

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