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Trainer Duties

Letter to Trainers

Hello loves!

Thank you for all that you do to help show our new ambassadors the ropes and to help set the standard for success. Your hard work and loving energy help to create this beautiful community where our volunteers feel welcome and involved <3

Here is a run down of your duties:

1) Make sure the new ambassador has received their welcome email and has read over the ambassador handbook outlining our Be Yoga Policies (if not follow up with Cara Truitt to have it forwarded to their email address)

2) Work through the administrator-training-check-list-1-11-17 for your assigned day

3) Issue the quiz for the intended day and go over the answers with your trainee together





4) Empower your ambassador with the tools they need to succeed, including the following:

5) Follow up with an email to Cara and the other trainers on your ambassadors progress. Is there something that you missed or feel they need more time with? No worries, we all learn at our own pace, keep everyone in the loop so that our new ambassador feels well supported 🙂 

Let us know if you have any questions and thank you again for all that you do to help our welcome our ambassadors to the Be Yoga Family!