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Hot Yoga

Healthy Hot(tm) Yoga

Temperature:  95 (92-97)
Humidity:  20-50% (20% minimum)

Administrators play an important role in getting our studio to the right temperature for our hot yoga classes.

1.  Turn on  the humidifiers and make sure they have water in them.

2.  HeatWave15 on

Heatwave15 Instruction

3. Turn on the 4 space heaters

4.  Turn on the 4 ceiling heat panel switches

5. Turn on the ceiling fans.


 This jingle will inform and inspire you.

 How to Heat Up Studio Fire!
*6 a.m. classes
It is super important that the Studio Administrator arrive promptly at 5:30 and the FIRST thing that is done is ensuring the studio temperature(s) are moving the right direction for class.  Our students honor us by selecting Be Yoga as their practice home and we need to respect that by doing everything we can to get the temperature in studio right.
**Overnight Notes
If it is expected that the overnight temperature is going to be below 30 degrees:
        Carmel:  Heat Panels in Studio Fire left  ON overnight
      Dilworth: Space Heaters in Studio left ON and set to 70 overnight

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