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Studio Administrator Work-Trade Program

Welcome!  We are excited you are interested in the Be Yoga work-trade program.  This program offers the opportunity for our students to deepen their yoga practice, strengthen their connection our community, and broaden their professional aspirations.

Job Description

Studio Administrators typically work 3 hours per week- either all in one shift or split between two shorter shifts.  Studio Administrators are to appear neat and clean- be somewhat technically savvy and willing to learn our software (you can do it!)

Our hiring depends on your availability and the needs of our Front Desk shift schedule.


We are looking for someone who is;

  • Friendly
  • Outgoing
  • Detail Oriented
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Loves Yoga


  • Check Students into class
  • Thoroughly understand Be Yoga’s contracts, pricing options, and class types
  • Accept Payments
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of Studio
  • Being Awesome


Studio Administrators enjoy the following perks;

  • Unlimited Yoga Membership
  • 30% off merchandize
  • $500 off teacher training

If you are interested and would like to apply- please fill out the following form. We will reach out to applicants when we have an opening.  If you have any questions or comments, please email  



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Thanks so much – as positions become available we will reach out and schedule interviews with qualifying applicants.