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Grow Your Yoga

Your Authentic Self

Explore personal growth, and uplevel how you relate to others!

Yoga Philosophy

Learn why we do what we do in yoga practice.


Get the basics on body care, natural rhythms, food, and how to stay healthy.

The 8 Limb Path

Yama outward observances, niyama inward observances, asana physical practice, pranayama breath work, pratyahara sense withdrawal, dharana, concentration, dhyana meditation, and samadhi bliss

The Energetic Body

Get a feel for your subtle body anatomy, including chakras and nadis.

Asanas & Alignment

Learn how to refine your postures

Are you seeking growth in your overall yoga practice? Do you desire new knowledge that will help you live your yoga more fully? Do you wish to empower yourself through a deeper understanding of what may be holding you back? If so, then you’re ready for Grow Your Yoga.

Grow Your Yoga is a program developed, in three distinct modules, to give you a better understanding of yoga and its relationship to your journey. Each module has been designed with a distinct focus, offering a space for you to decide where you would like to grow.

You get to choose! One of the great things about Grow Your Yoga is that you can choose any or all of the modules that ignite a fire for growth and development. Pick any one module, pair any two or take all three.

CEU’s available.

Module 1: Yoga’s 8-limb Path, (January 27-28). Instructors: Marcia Brown. Module 1 will focus around the 8-limb path of yoga. This section is for you if you’re ready to learn about all of the elements within a complete yoga practice. You will learn concepts related to asana (more than just poses), the purpose and benefits of pranayama (breath-work), yogic living principles, basic meditation and more. Asana practices will relate to alignment and embracing the 8-limb path.

Module 2: Living Your Yoga, (March 10-11). Instructors: Kaitlin Lacey and Greg LaBarbera. Module 2 will focus around a deeper understanding of ideas that will help you begin to live your yoga on a daily basis. In this section you will investigate the Five Afflictions (causes of suffering) and take a deeper look at the Yamas and Niyamas (yoga’s restraints and qualities to develop) and how you can utilize them to create more fulfilling ways to live your yoga. You’ll learn elements of alignment in asana and how they relate to alignment in your practice off the mat. You will delve into Ayurveda and how it can help balance your body and daily life, as well as some related pranayama, meditation and other techniques to support your journey. Asana practices will relate to the yamas, niyamas and Ayurveda.

Module 3: Yoga and its Underlying Energies, (April 21-22). Instructors: Marcia Brown and Kaitlin Lacey. Module 3 will focus around the more subtle energies surrounding your yoga practice. You will investigate the chakra system and how it can lead you to deeper self-awareness. Learn about the koshas (energy sheathes), as well as related meditations and pranayama techniques. Be ready to look inward and discover what may be keeping you from manifesting the life you desire. Asana practices will be related to the subtle energetic bodies – Yin and Unity.


Marcia Brown (E-RYT 500, Personal Life Coach, Founder of “A Confident Life”)

Marcia is co-director of the Be Yoga Inspired Teacher Training. Having practiced and studied yoga for over 35 years, Marcia has a broad knowledge of the 8-Limb Path and its application in our lives.  She is passionate about helping others find confidence within themselves and get in touch with their unique life’s work and purpose.

Greg LaBarbera (E-RYT 200, MEd. Education, BS Exercise Sciences)

Greg is the co-director of Be Yoga’s 200 hour, yoga teacher training program. He loves teaching and has been involved in some form of education for over 25 years. He can’t wait to work with you during the transformative Grow Your Yoga weekends.

Kaitlin Lacey (E-RYT 200, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Intuitive Healer)

Kaitlin has a great deal of experience with chakras, energetics, and subtle practices. She is excited to bring a deeper understanding of ayurveda and the relationship between the energetic and physical bodies to this program!

Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm Dates:

Module 1: January 27-28
Module 2: March 10-11
Module 3: April 21-22

Attend 1, 2 or all 3!


$525 for all 3 Weekends! Early Bird $475 until 1/3

$423 for any 2 Weekends! Early Bird $375 until 1/3

$265 for any 1 Weekend! Early Bird $215 until 1/3

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