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August's Theme is Stambha

A stambha is a “cosmic column”, and it can be a physical, energetic, or symbolic scaffold of support. According to Wikipedia, a stambha “functions as a bond, which joins the heaven (Svarga) and the earth (prithvi).” –  I asked Marcy Braverman Goldstein of Sanskrit Revolution to shed some light on its meaning, and she offered this: “since it’s a column that connects earth and sky, perhaps the spine as positioned in seated meditation is like a stambha that grounds a person while also lifting him/her upward toward limitless sky…”

One of the benefits of a dedicated yoga/meditation practice is a stronger, deeper connection to our inner self and the ananda, or peaceful, loving blissfulness, that resides (abundantly!) within us.

To celebrate stambha, as our August Theme of the Month, we’ll open our hips to ground down our energy, free up our backs, and prepare our bodies for meditation.

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I have to say I went to be yoga yesterday in Carmel and it was absolutely amazing! I haven’t felt this great in awhile and I had so much energy the next day. I think im going to start doing this weekly. The staff was amazing and so friendly and helpful.

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