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Be Inspired 200 Hour Teacher Training

Are you ready to dive deeper into your personal practice? Are you ready to share your love of yoga with the world? You may be ready for Teacher Training! 200 hour training beginning Fall 2015.
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Aerial Yoga with AerialCLT

Curious about those long swathes of fabric hanging in Studio Air? Learn how to use them to make your back feel great, challenge yourself, or just have fun!
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Far Infrared Heat

Have you heard about the benefits of Far Infrared Heat? Our Carmel studio has always had Far Infrared Heat panels, here’s why:
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Be Good Karma Yoga

Be Yoga partners with a different local charity every two months. We donate $0.25 every time you check in to Be Yoga on social media and offer a karma class for that charity in which all proceeds go to. Find out more about our Be Good partners using the link below!

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May's Theme is Kama

Kāma is most often interpreted as pleasure, but can also mean “desire, wish or longing” and “is considered an essential and healthy goal of human life when pursued without sacrificing the other three goals: Dharma (virtuous, proper, moral life), Artha (material prosperity, income security, means of life) and Moksha (liberation, release, self-actualization).” The Mahabharata (the epic text from which contains the Bhagavad Gita) “provides one of the expansive definitions of kāma. The Epic claims kāma to be any agreeable and desirable experience (pleasure) generated by the interaction of one of five senses with anything congenial to that sense and while the mind is concurrently in harmony with the other goals of human life (dharma, artha and moksha). Kāma often implies the short form of the word kāmanā (desire, appetition). Kāma, however, is more than kāmanā. Kāma is an experience that includes the discovery of object, learning about the object, emotional connection, process of enjoyment and the resulting feeling of well being before, during and after the experience.” – Wikipedia

The Wellness Center at Be Yoga

Be Yoga has a wonderful selection of wellness providers offering everything from private yoga lessons to acupuncture. Click to see our full range of offerings!

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Read reflections from your class mates, perspectives from Be Yoga teachers, and occasional updates about goings on at our two studios.
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