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Be one of the first 50 students to get 6 across, down, or diagonal and win a special edition Be Yoga mug! All winners will receive 10% off a single clothing item in our boutique.

Aerial Yoga with AerialCLT

Curious about those long swathes of fabric hanging in Studio Air? Learn how to use them to make your back feel great, challenge yourself, or just have fun!

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Far Infrared Heat

Have you heard about the benefits of Far Infrared Heat? Our Carmel studio has always had Far Infrared Heat panels, here’s why:

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Be Good Karma Yoga

Be Yoga partners with a different local charity every two months. We donate $0.25 every time you check in to Be Yoga on social media and offer a karma class for that charity in which all proceeds go to. Find out more about our Be Good partners using the link below!

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November's Theme is : Shanti, Gratitude, and Offerings of the Heart

In this month of thanks-giving, may we cultivate an abundance of shanti (peace), gratitude, and other heart-qualities within… and so joyously extend and generously share these offerings of the heart.

“The word for ‘peace’ here is śānti. It is a beautiful word. It can also be translated as ‘tranquility, quiet, calmness of mind.’ Śānti is an easeful state of inner freedom, for in this peace there is no bondage to the cycles of disappointment driven by self-centered desires. The peace that is śānti is not a passive, unmoving, static peace. I am reminded of the saying: still waters run deep. Those places in a powerfully flowing river where the surface current churns the least are those places where there is the most depth. So, too, śānti is quiet and deep, yet also expansive, dynamic and nourishing.”

“The spiritual peace I am speaking of here is one that finds expression in the whole of one’s being. Śānti is associated with tenderness, humility, benevolence, strength, forgiveness, patience, dignity, respect, gratitude and reverence.”

“At the core of your beings stands the abiding silence of Love, and that love is śāntirūpa: ‘of the nature of peace’.”
– William K. Mahony, from Exquisite Love p. 215-216

The Wellness Center at Be Yoga

Be Yoga has a wonderful selection of wellness providers offering everything from private yoga lessons to acupuncture. Click to see our full range of offerings!

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